Aging of the Neck Skin and All You Need To Know

Written by Esther Okoh.

Usually, as the human body ages, the quality of our skin tends to recede naturally. And this is due to a variety of reasons, including growing older, smoking, exposure to ultraviolet rays amongst others.  

It is safe to assume that it’s completely natural for all the human organs to age, including the internal organs in the body system. However, for one organ to age faster than others is a concern that must be paid utmost attention.

Most times, the skin is one of the organs that is less attended to in terms of care, and this often causes the skin to age quickly. The skin is constantly exposed to all weather conditions - more like the coat for all of the other organs to remain constant and function accordingly. And that is the more reason it is crucial to pay more attention to the skin.

Although, from our younger ages, we’ve been accustomed to measures of good hygiene and the care for our body. To a larger extent, we all include washing, and scrubbing the face with liquids to make the facial skin a lot clearer and prevent skin complications such as acne, sunburn etc. This is good, however, it is not just enough.

In fact, one of the parts of the skin that gets less attention is the neck region - we almost forget it is made of flesh like the rest of the body.

Often when attending to our skin care routine, we completely skip over our neck. This is rather sad because the neck is among the most frequently treated regions for wrinkles later in life. Our neck region can age quicker than the rest of our body, and we typically pay less attention to it.

The neck, even though not easily noticeable to you, is quite easy to notice for people around you. Therefore, there is a need to take adequate care, watch out for signs that you may be aging more in the neck region and look out for how to prevent and halt the aging process.

5 Signs of an Aging Neck

1. Vertical Banding

Regarded as one out of the many first signs of aging of the neck skin. Vertical banding can surface around the jawlines or the face before the full manifestation of the aging process. This sign is more common among the female gender because they have a narrower neck compared to their male counterparts.

The congeal of the two borders of the neck muscle is another contributing factor. These bulging vertical bands are a result of the separation of "platysma muscles" as you become older.

2. Necklace Lines

Neck lines resemble circular rings that form horizontal wrinkles throughout the neck and show signs of tight, depressed cords around the neck. Early creases can occur from constant exposure and being vulnerable to sunlight. Although it is practically impossible to avoid wrinkles as they are part of the human aging process, some things, such as excessive ultraviolet exposure, smoking, etc can exacerbate them.

These obstinate and ugly lines can start sin your early twenties, getting even worse as you get older.

3. Loss of Definition Around The Jawline

Another way to detect an aging neck is by having a close look at the jawline. The more we grow older, the more the chances that the neck shape adjusts to the maintenance structure. Therefore, be on the lookout of any change in definition around the jawline, especially in the presence of excess fat around the jaw or neck region.

If your neck is aging rapidly, you'll quickly notice that the jaw line begins to cave into the neck, - causing a dismal effect in your youthful appearance. Usually, a youthful neck has a distinct jawline, which can be sustained by proper routine to control the rapid aging of the neck.

4. Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is also a sign of aging, mainly caused by sun exposure to the neck region. It tends to leave the surface saggy and folded, and it is evident from the jawline to the neck region. This region is very delicate and can easily become dehydrated to the point where it loses its elasticity and sags down in folds.

Weight gain is another causal agent. Any part of the skin can become crepey. However, it is more likely in parts of the skin exposed directly to sun rays.

5. Poikiloderma

This skin ailment can run in your family and be passed on, meaning you either have it when you're born or you can get it later in life. It's linked to a number of rare hereditary diseases as well as some acquired conditions like lupus. Poikiloderma is regarded as a disorder that develops as a result of chronic exposure of the skin to sunlight, and it manifests itself as crepey skin, redness from broken capillaries, and sun spots.

8 Ways To Reverse Aging Neck Skin

1. Protect Your Skin From The Effects of The Scorching Sun

While the sun provides vitamins to the skin, too much of it can be harmful, thus we must protect our skin. Skin protection against sun rays includes wearing long-sleeved tops and slacks, helmets, UV-protective sunglasses, shades, broad-spectrum, SPF 30 (or higher), water-resistant sunscreen, and remaining beneath an umbrella or shelter.

Sun protection is vital whether you're at the beach or running errands. Every day, apply sunscreen to all exposed skin that is not covered by clothing. Better still, apply a good anti-aging gel whenever you feel your skin is dehydrated.

2. Consume Collagen Supplements

Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally in the connective tissues of the body. This structural protein is necessary to keep skin tight, as its fibers connect together to tighten skin and allow the skin to bounce back easily after it is pulled. But as you age, your body starts to produce less of it, leading to sagging skin.

Collagen supplements, whether in pill form or as a tasteless, dissoluble powder can help to strengthen the overall skin of your body, including your neck skin. If you choose to take a collagen tablet, make sure it comprises hyaluronic acid - a substance that enables the skin to absorb more water and seem plumper.

3. Healthy Diet Promotes Healthy skin

What we eat influences the overall appearance of our skin. Choosing to consume more nutritious diets translates to having healthier skin and overall body health. That way, we keep our body, especially the skin, vibrant, fresh, and young, helping to preserve that youthful feel. Consuming vegetables and fruits have been reported to be great for the skin - they help prevent premature aging of the skin and damage compared to diets that are high in sugar or refined carbs.

4. Use An Effective Vitamin C Serum

One of the best nutrients that helps to strengthen your immune system is Vitamin C. A regular intake of Vitamin C and quality SPF moisturizer, not only help you to look much younger, but also reduce the effect of the sun on your epidermis, which results in less loose skin wiggling around the neck region.

5. Regularly Wash Your Face and Neck Skin

If you find that you sweat frequently, it is essential to wash your face and neck on a regular basis to avoid skin irritation caused by dirt from perspiration, especially if you are wearing a hat or helmet, so you should wash your skin as quickly as possible after sweating. This keeps debris off the skin's surface and reduces discomfort in sensitive areas.

6. Cleanse Your Skin Gently

One of the major causes of skin irritation is scrubbing it regularly. This quickens the aging of the skin, so it is important that you gently wash the skin to remove pollutants, residues from makeup, and other skin dirt to avoid irritation of the skin.

7. For Those With Poikiloderma

Ensure that beneath your sunscreen, you utilize an antioxidant to avert unforeseen harm. And later at dawn, make use of any collagen stimulating ingredients such as growth factors or retinol..

8. For Folds and Wrinkles

Some simple measures like maintaining good posture, keeping your phone at your eye level, using anti-wrinkle treatment that contains palmitoyl can help protect your skin from future damages

5 Ways to Treat Aging Neck Skin

There are established methods to entirely eradicate the challenge of rapid neck aging; however, these treatments are classified according to the severity of the condition. Many daily habits and activities can cause the premature aging of the neck skin, such as smoking, irregular sleep patterns, excess caffeine, drinking alcohol, mental and physical stress, and genes.

However, the good news is that remedies exist and we shall be discussing that below.

1. Try Neck Lifting

A neck lift is designed to address several aesthetic problems of the aging neck. Firstly, a neck lift can be used to remove excess skin, to create a tightening effect. Secondly, the appearance of vertical muscle bands is reduced by bringing the muscle edges toward each other, and suturing them together. After a full recovery, the aesthetic effect can be dramatic.  

As the name implies, neck lifts are designed to lift the neck and address issues with sagging and wrinkle of the neck skin. A good neck lift device such as the Deplux Trilumos LED Neck Lifting Device, is supposed to help you to achieve a firmer, tighter, and smoother skin, while also eradicating the turkey neck and sagging décolletage.

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2. Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuction can be performed alongside a neck lift or as a stand-alone procedure. During the surgery procedure, excess fat is removed from the neck area by using a tumescent fluid and cannula. During the procedure, a Neck lift won’t be needed if muscle band is not an issue, and the skin is elastic to an extent.

If vertical muscle bands are not an issue and if the skin is sufficiently elastic, a neck lift may not be needed during this procedure.c

3. Double Chin Injections

Kybella injection is known as a treatment for double chin treatments. With this procedure, physicians rely on the deoxycholic acid present in Kybella injections to damage fat cells, which are later eradicated by the lymphatic system.

4. Laser Skin Treatments

There are also various laser devices that can be used to reduce dark spots, wrinkles and massage the neck skin to a tighter and more fresh status.

5. Aesthetic Procedures

Also, another popular treatment are aesthetic procedures such as chemical peels, nourishing face masks, microdermabrasion, skin needling and a host of others - all this help to restore the age of the neck skin to normalcy.

Skincare Routine To Maintain Ageless Skin and Neck

Exfoliate With a Physical or Chemical Exfoliant

As we reach our peak yearly, and age flies by, the skin naturally slows down the process of replenishment. The dead cells of skins no longer replace themselves with fresh cells almost as quickly as possible. This results in a dullness of the skin with more cracks. Exfoliating the skin helps get rid of all this old skin lying around.

If you consider exfoliating, make sure to stay avoid harsh physical exfoliants because they make the skin a bit more prone to sagging. You can try using skin friendly chemicals to exfoliate as well such as glycolic acid and lactic acid which can be found in serums, home peels, and toners.

Pat, Don’t Rub, on Your Anti-Aging Serums

Serums, on the whole, have a higher active substance concentration compared to moisturizers. Vitamin A derivatives known as retinoids (retinol, tretinoin, and tazarotene) and vitamin C are the ideal anti-aging compounds to seek for (L-ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate). They not only boost the collagen production of the skin, but they also function as antioxidants, soaking up the biological and environmental oxidative stress that causes aging.


As you become older, your sebum production decreases. While this reduces the risk of acne, it also causes your skin to dry out more quickly. Skin dehydration is one of the main causes of fine wrinkles, but it's easy to cure with a decent moisturizer!

Be on the lookout for Glycerine and hyaluronic acid are water-binding ingredients in moisturizers. At night, use an occlusive substance such as Vaseline or mineral oil to keep your skin hydrated. However, to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria on your skin, ensure it is clean.

Try Out Some Effective Anti-Aging Products

The earlier you detect and start treating any form of aging of the skin, the better it is for you to eradicate it. From frown lines on the forehead, sagging skin on the cheek bone, to waggling skin on the neck deserves immediate attention and one of the best ways to remedy this aging skin is by using anti-aging products. 

Deplux's anti-aging product are designed to remedy all aging skin problems and restore your skin back to its younger days. With Dermatologists recommended skincare routines, 90% of Deplux's customers have reported back the results of the product usage are visible within 4 weeks.

Always Apply Sunscreen

Avoiding too much sunlight can keep your skin alive. For many aging skin indications, the sun is slightly responsible—so much that the sun has its own dermatological category known as photoaging. UV radiation from the sun can accelerate the aging process by breaking down collagen and producing irregularities in elastin, resulting in a more flexible, and wrinkled skin, as well as odd pigmentation spots.

Eat Healthy Fatty Foods

Quite opposite from what we might have discussed as being healthy for your skin, healthy fat also has its benefits. For instance, Omega-3 and fatty-acid rich foods ensure the manufacture of collagen in the body, a substance required to ensure the firm and tightness of the neck skin for as long as possible.

Get Some Rest and Retinol

Study has revealed that some skin rectifying works best at night, or in the dawn of the day. For instance, retinol helps cleanse pores, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen, hasten cell replacement, and improve odd pigmentation. However, retinol doesn't perform well when the skin is exposed to the sun, hence should be applied at night.